The only San Diego Drug Company that does on-site drug testing.
Our goal is provide you with all the information and service you
need to implement or support a drug free workplace. We can provide
the service and attention that you don't always get with a large lab.
Why have employees waste an entire day going to a lab down town when
we can do it all on-site? Look under services to see all that we provide or
read on to learn the history of Pacific Drug Testing.

Drs. Diane and Donald Gerken have both had traumatic experiences with DUI’s (driver under the influence). In 1987 Diane’s two sisters and parents were hit and hospitalized by a DUI. In 1992 Donald’s sister was helping to change a flat tire when a DUI slammed into her car pinning her legs between two vehicles. Although everyone has recovered, these incidents left lasting impressions on Diane and Donald. So it was an easy decision for them to bring together professionals and staff to create Pacific Drug Testing and a natural extension of their holistic health center, Gerken Chiropractic.

Pacific Drug Testing is a small family business run by Drs. Diane and Donald Gerken to provide you with individual attention and personal solutions to your drug testing needs. Pacific Drug Testing specializes in Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing programs with private individual testing. With the recent increase in DOT audits, Pacific Drug Testing’s Goal is to help limit client's exposure to liability, substantial non-compliance fines, sanctions and loss of business privileges. Drug and alcohol abuse is a serious workplace problem. Statistics indicate that approximately 70% of all illegal drug users are employed. These employees don't leave their substance abuse problems at the door when they enter the workplace.

Pacific Drug Testing can create and tailor a program for your company to become a drug free work place. A policy is written on your behalf and customized to fit the needs and specifics of your business. This policy will comply with all federal and state regulations for regulated and non-regulated drug testing. Our staff is excited to meet with you and help implement your new policy, answer questions and address concerns.

Drs. Diane and Donald Gerken are conveniently located off Bonita Road in Chula Vista and have been providing drug testing since ’94. They are highly qualified physicians and have wonderful staff ready to assist you in finding solutions for your drug testing needs.